...Education for Sustainability


Welcome to the Finding the Good traveling semester program!

Learning is different here… our classrooms are fields and farms, rivers and roads, gardens and green buildings, and so many more. Your brain will work in conjunction with your body as you meet the challenge of joining academic study with hands-on investigation and outdoor adventure. You and your classmates become fast friends and then family as mutual members of each tight-knit semester community.

We’re here to study what it means to sustain life on this planet and to give you the opportunity to experience the positive, possibility-filled side of environmental awareness and sustainable living. Welcome to Finding the Good.

You never change things by
fighting the existing reality.
To change something,
build a new model
that makes the 
existing model
 - R. Buckminster Fuller


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Fall 2015

Aug 30th - Dec 12th, 2015

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Education for Sustainability


Fall 2015 Semester